Chalet MonRocher

Residential Architecture


MonRocher was designed as a 4-season rental residence around the ski resort Le Massif in Charlevoix.
Developed in collaboration with David Giraldeau & Guillaume Marcoux / Photo credits Jeremy Le Chatelier & Hébergement Charlevoix

Petite-Rivière St-François, QC, CAN

The Future of Free

Environmental Design


The freestanding structure was part of a temporary exhibition focusing on the past, present and future of Nike Free running shoes.
The triangulated installation hovered over 20 podiums, each showcasing one prototypal shoe, hinting at the future of Free.
Developed while at RUFproject

Milan, IT

Imaging New Westminster

Master of Architecture Thesis Project

2013 Excellence in Steel Design Scholarship – SSEF
2013 Design Excellence – SALA Faculty Selection, U.B.C.
2013 Student Awards of Excellence Candidate – Canadian Architect

Living in the shadow of popular, highly publicized city centres, suburbs can struggle to find their own identity and to offer unique and memorable experiences.

My M.Arch thesis project is set at the crossroads of architecture and marketing — a privileged spot to observe and put into practice the synergetic relationship between the material image, the marketed image, and the mental image of a place.

The approach questions how a localized architectural intervention can enhance the image of a whole city. It seeks to push the city of New Westminster towards the vibrant status it wants to have.

The program responds to the limited number of green spaces in the downtown sector by proposing the rehabilitation of an underused parking structure into a park, reconnects a community to its waterfront, builds on the site’s history of industrial production, and provides the necessary spaces for the creation of oversized art pieces.

New Westminster, BC, CAN

The Nature of Motion

Environmental Design


Introductory signage for a Nike exhibition at the 2016 Milan Design Week.
The event focused on presenting various lines of Nike products as well as experimental installations on the theme of motion of the human body.
Developed while at RUFproject

Milan, IT

Superbowl 50

Brand Experience


In 2016, to celebrate the 50th installment of the Superbowl, Nike Football offered an athlete-focused brand event at the San Francisco Mint.  The rooms of the late gold foundry were converted into a high-tech locker room, a performance analysis laboratory while the inside courtyard was used as a trial field.  The vaults and basement alcoves offered perfect opportunities for product display and new product launches, such as the AF1 Gold.

San Francisco, CA, USA

EUS Building



The proposed building for the Undergraduate Engineering Students (EUS) society is an academic project based on an order placed by the EUS in 2010.

My parti was to take advantage of the busy site and the proximity of the adjacent buildings. The approach, symbiotic in its intention, aimed at the benefit of both the existing and new constructions. The concept proposes to use the existing structure, add program and add a new face to the Engineering precinct at UBC.

University of British Columbia, CAN

NikeLab DSM

Retail Design


Retail System for the Nike space at Dover Street Market.
Developed while at RUFproject

New York City, NY, USA


Print Design


Information sheets and folder for Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc.
Company’s background, product overview and technical specification material.

Richmond, BC, CAN

La Faille

Residential Architecture


Design for a secondary residence on the slopes of Mount Shefford.
Developed in collaboration with David Giraldeau & Alexandre Guilbeault

Shefford, QC, CAN

Transportable Homes

Design Representation



Explicative diagrams for Loksa Transportable Homes concept.
Developed while at Loksa

Christchurch, NZ

A Culture of Making



Long span structure concept for a community centre.

North Vancouver, BC, CAN

Multifunction Work Station

Furniture Design + Fabrication


An architecture professor from Université du Québec à Montréal asked my colleague and I to build a work station for his office.
He wanted one piece of furniture that would integrate work and meeting surfaces, a drawing board, a large sketchpad, file storage, drawing roll storage, and a chair.
The result is a ribbon of Russian plywood that performs those various functions by undulating through the space.
Realized in collaboration with Nicolas Rodrigue-Trudel

Montréal, QC, CAN

Les Équerres

Residential Architecture


Preliminary scheme for a single-family house to be built on the slopes of Mount Shefford.

Shefford, QC, CAN

House 009

Residential Architecture


Early massing models for a multi-family building in Heilbronn, Germany.
Work realized while at ASIRarchitekten

Stuttgart, DE

Imaging New Westminster

PechaKucha Presentation


Presentation of my Master of Architecture thesis project at the third edition of PechaKucha Nights in New Westminster.

20 slides x 20 seconds.

New Westminster, BC, CAN

Concrete 2.0

Architectonics + Photography


Structural and formal exploration of concrete.

Vancouver, BC, CAN


User Experience + Interface Design


Interface for a home automation system marketed in New Zealand and Australia.
Developed while at Loksa

Christchurch, NZ

RMB Altitude

Branding + Advertisement





Sub-branded identity & publicity spreads for the Altitude, a high-end, performance-oriented bike by Rocky Mountain Bicycles.
Photos provided by Rocky Mountain Bicycles

Vancouver, BC, CAN

Nous cherchons à unir nos forces *

Research + Product Design


* We seek to unite our forces
The graduation project for my Environmental Design degree was about transportation analysis and making commuting more efficient.

The research started very broadly and allowed my team to explore themes such as minimization of the size of the car, re-thinking of the access to its cabin and human-powered vehicles. We eventually realized that the most efficient way of improving transportation while focusing on human power was to work around the existing concept of urban cycling.

The end result is an attach system that allows people to join forces to make their commute faster and easier. The more people join, the better it works.

Developed in collaboration with Nicolas Rodrigue-Trudel & Thomas Lacombe

Montréal, QC, CAN

Visual Identities



Logotypes and signatures that I’ve designed over the course of the years.


Vancouver, BC. CAN